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Spain origin MACPUARSA elevator and escalators


We offer custom-made services and software solutions to meet your specific elevator, escalator and moving walkway needs, and we have been doing so.


Supply and install new elevators


We also supply and install new elevators. Our comprehensive proficiency and exceptional system provide data which will allow our clients to make wide-ranging decisions to advance their equipment.
Based on: - capacity & speed (traffic analyses)
Preparation of shaft works in & out side
Aesthetics (material finish and appearance)


Modernization of any bran old elevators


If your elevator performance is decreasing, we are ready to offer you modernization assessment and references. Specially heritage buildings, without any deformation of the existing building part we can modernize the existing elevator or remove the existing and replace by new.

Maintenance (monthly on agreement)


We have monthly preventive maintenance as per the specification and manual with our professional engineers. We work to give solution on our client’s problem dedicatedly.

Consulting and technical service


The new technology elevator and escalator need to understand elevator code changes, and companies consolidating making it challenging to be kept up to speed. We are the best alternatives to resolve the problem and give technical support and advice for you.


Corrective maintenance & Equipment assessment


If any part of your elevator and escalator fail or if you want to know the level of performance of your device, we will give you an assessment service and give solution for problem happen.