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Over 7 years in the buisness
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Executed Projects

1) Total Supply of Elevators (Up to Date) = 80
  • Total Completed Installation of Elevators (Up to Date) = 63 ( Regularly Being Maintained By GAD )
2) Total Supply of Escalators = 16 ( Installed )


Commercial Bank
TINSAE Building
Regular Preventive Maintenance and Inspection Service

Our company strictly performs monthly preventive maintenance and inspection for newly installed and existing lifts. We have more than 56 customers. Some of these customers are listed below;

  • Alu Addis Building
  • Adot-Tina Hotel , A & R Family
  • Addis Ketema & Yeka S/C
  • Delegation of the European Union to the African Union
  • DCSI ( Dedebit Credit and Saving Institution Branch Offices in Axum, Adigrat and Mehonni )
  • Ethiopian Electric Utility (ELPA), Bahir Dar & Hawassa Office
  • Global Hotel
  • Grace Medical Center
  • TK International PLC
  • Hallelujah Higher Medical Clinic
  • Hagsam Luxury Guest House
  • Hotel Blossom, Smart Hotel Dire Dawa
  • Mass Media Building, Mekele
  • Setema Building
  • Selam City Mall
  • Total Ethiopia
  • Warka Guest House, Minaye PLC
YEKA Subcity Building
DY Building
Flintstone Building
Nega Bonger Building
Halleluja General Hospital