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About Us
Our Story

GAD ELECTRO MECHANICAL WORK PLC. is a nominate private limited company in vertical transport established under the Ethiopian commercial law in May, 2003 E.C/ 2011G.C the owner and managers of the company have extensive experience in running business organization engaged in manufacturing, trading, real estate, construction, electro mechanical works for several years.

GAD ELECTRO MECHANICAL WORK PLC has played a major role on the construction sector of the country economy, which import /supply, install and commission elevator, escalator, moving walk and their parts for different building that have different function around the nation. The major construction project & elevator type supply and installed across the nation are:-

i. Passenger elevator:- from 4 - 66 persons move at a time
ii. Bed elevator:- Hospitals elevator from 13 – 56 persons move at a time
iii. Panoramic elevator:- one, two, three side glass
- Curved glass elevator for hotels.
iv. Goods elevator: - strong elevator for heavy activity in Hotel, Commercial buildings, and in industry ….

Man Power & Team Arrangment
The numbers of employees currently working in GAD EMW Plc. are 26 permanent and 3 contracts. Also there are several team under go through different operation listed as follows.
Technical team:-committed for the work install, commission and give after sales service for the elevator, escalator and moving walk.
Marketing and commercial team. Perform most client related works
Finance and Administration

  • The company has storage facility at the center of Addis Ababa for spare parts and working tools, machinery and equipment storing.
  • Elevator need preventive maintenance and, for those activity the company have surplus part in the ware house to be changed when malfunction happen.


Why Choose Us?
  • Quality is the signature of our work.
  • Customers’ satisfaction is our first priority.
  • On time delivery is our first priority.
  • We offer a very fair and reasonable price.
  • Our management team and staff are highly experienced and well qualified.


Our Mission
Our mission is to provide unique and quality goods and services to our esteemed customers. We always strive to meet our customers' needs and satisfy their expectations by delivering a well-distinguished service while offering a very competitive price.

Machinary & Equipment
  • we engaged on the installation & commissioning of elevator after import from the manufacturing company, due to this it needs several mechanical & Electrical machinery & equipment’s.
  • our core competency is lies on:
After sales maintenance policy and service delivery mechanism. Elevators maintain every month as well on phone call request /problem happen in the elevator by the client.

IT & Communication
We are fully equipped with modern communication facilities like broad band, fax and telephone with internet service. High capacity core i 7 computers
Also we have modern software program that provide on line service that enhance to prepare price for elevator and escalator. In addition the B2B application that support new arrival products, destination of goods order status and the like……

Global Connections
  • We are exclusive agent of MP (MAC PUARSA) elevator and escalator originates in Europe (Spain) that working globally in more than 100 countries.
  • We have a sound financial position generating profit every year and delivers economic advantage for the country. Current year the company has around 21,000,000.00 annual turnovers and has good working relationship with government and private commercial banks.
We are happy to talk that doesn't under go in delinquent list of national bank of Ethiopia.

Our Beliefs
We are importing elevator and escalators from the world’s most known producer of elevator and escalators MP (MACPUARSA). We work with, installation, maintenance and their accessories.


Our Vision
Our vision is to become the leading elevator and escalator supplier, installer, and delivery service providers in the nation’s construction industry.



Quality products


Maintenance commitment


Trustworthy for customer


Timely solution