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Who We Are


A major name in elevators and escalators supply

GAD electromechanical Works is a private limited company dedicated to prior quality and results. Years of working excellence in the sector, we have been delivering quality and innovative vertical and point-to-point transportations to commercial buildings, hospitals, apartments, shopping malls, and much more. We are the leading escalator and elevator supplier in the nation.

importer of typical elevators
We are the importer of modern and typical elevators, escalator and moving walks for high buildings and construction companies. Our products are European standards mainly imported from Spain.

installation of new elevators
We work on the installation of new elevators in a new building and existing building by “adapt to your space naturally” also modernization of the any old elevator. We are the best option for the maintenance of elevators with a monthly agreement. Our products have best design and components.
Consideration Of requirements
We consider physical requirements, location, traffic patterns, safety considerations, and aesthetics. We think through physical factors such as the total travel distance to be covered, the pit and over head of the shaft, the internal width and depth of the shaft, the length and pitch of the escalator, and factors such as the infrastructure's ability to provide support and power.

Project Case


A major name in elevators and escalators supply
DY Building
Flintstone Building
Nega Bonger Building
Halleluja General Hospital

Our Services


A major name in elevators and escalators supply


Spain origin MACPUARSA elevator and escalators



Supply and install new elevators



Modernization of any bran old elevators



Maintenance (monthly on agreement)


Consulting and technical service


Corrective maintenance & Equipment assessment




A major name in elevators and escalators

Passenger Elevator
Hospital Elevator
Freight Elevator